Hannah & Grant Warner

Back in May this year I was lucky enough to be a part of this adorable couple's big day.  There was an incredible peacock theme that even matched Hannah's tattoo.  The vows were adorable and emotional, and oh yeah, Grant sang Hannah a beautiful song. 10/10 Thanks again guys!!

Hannah Grant 1
Hannah Grant 2
Hannah Grant 3
Hannah Grant 4
Hannah Grant 5
Hannah Grant 6
Hannah Grant 7
Hannah Grant 8
Hannah Grant 9
Hannah Grant 10
Hannah Grant 11
Hannah Grant 12
Hannah Grant 13
Hannah Grant 14

Too Cold to Skate Out

Rollerblading is a very tight community.  Contests are always a great time because everyone gets together when our schedules are usually overbooked. It was terrific seeing you all this year, I really feel the family when I see all of you. Much love!

This year TCTSO was dedicated to Elliot Feltner who is making a tremendous recovery from a car accident last year.


Elliot busting a wheelie

Kenny Shawver

Ryan Benner + Reed Huston

Ryan showing off Reed's fresh kicks

Homies 1

Matt Osantoski + Travis Rhodes

Jonathan Bonnett


Paul Stewart + Mat Grimes

Hawke Trackler + Thomas Martin

Matt Plasencia + Don Bambrick + Matt Ozz


Homies 2

Scott Hatton

Mat Grimes


Jet Set

Matt Plasencia



Don Bambrick

Brian Bruno

Zack Waszkiewicz


Ryan Parker

Ray Kronenberg

Zack Waszkiewicz

Don Bambrick

Thomas Martin

Mr. & Mrs. Kilgore

I had a great time my long-time friends John and Cassandra as they sealed the deal August 20th, 2016. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception. The guests were all amazing and friendly, truly a pleasure to provide the photography. 

Karley 6-mo photos

Tami and Kolin have an adorable little one. Check out our most recent shoot at Inniswood Metro Gardens.

TKK6mo-bw (3 of 6).jpg