Kyle Wood

I believe the key to being great at something is through obsession. My obsession with photography started in my teenage years. I was documenting high school sports and putting out rollerblading content as often as I could fit into my busy schedule. I found a natural love for photography because, like rollerblading, I wanted to constantly improve my work. This keeps it fresh and fun for me, I’m really blessed to be a photographer! Wedding photography with my wife has become a terrific blessing as well because she is my ultimate partner in crime! She has seriously impressed me with how quickly she learns photography, and of course I know she won’t call off work! :-) We look forward to hearing from you about your next event!

Passion for action sports gives me a unique perspective.

Passion for action sports gives me a unique perspective.

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Jenn Wood

I have always loved taking photographs. I started out just taking photos of places I’ve visited around the world and then my husband started bringing me along to his wedding gigs. Eventually, I started taking pictures with him and my passion for wedding photography grew. I love capturing the perfect moments as well as all those special touches that a couple brings to their venue.